Sunday, May 27, 2007

I'm back!

WOW! Has it been a busy couple of months!
Since I got spayed, my tummy hair has been growing back, and more importantly, I've been going to the dog park lots. I LOOOOOVE it! It's great! I've met good friends and the mommas say there's nothing like a trip to the dog park to wear me out for the night. I've learned the route and I start shrieking in the truck before we even get parked. By the time we get to the gate, lots of dogs are waiting there, just to see who is singing SO beautifully! ME!

I went on a REALLY long truck ride at Easter, to Edmonton, Alberta. Long truck rides just put me to sleep - the mommas say I could ride for days without complaining. We went to a fabulous dog park there, twice, and I was a really good girl in momma j's momma's really nice house.

I passed puppy manners class with almost flying colours, although I'm still not too sure what the point of "stay" is. BORRRRRRRING! And today I graduated from puppy agility class. Now THAT is fun! I like the whole course, but if I had to pick favourites they would be the weave poles and the A-Frame. I was scared of the teeter the first couple of times, but now? It's simple!

I went for an overnight at a kennel, my very first night away from the mommas. I shrieked as they were pulling away 'cause it was kind of scary watching them go, but April the nice kennel lady and her Newfy made me feel better and I was okay after that. I even got to swim in a pool there.

I went camping for the first time last weekend, to Canora Beach with some people friends and some weird little poodles. What IS the deal with them? But anyway, it was GREAT! I went swimming in the lake and I was a little nervous but I went back in, and I LOVE chasing my jolly ball out into the water and bringing it back for more. And we're going camping lots more this summer! The mommas even bought me a trailer, so I don't have to sleep on the cold hard ground (that's it and my truck in the picture up there). They took a picture of me before I was even awake for pete's sake, after my first night! It's at the bottom of this page.

'Kay. That's all for now. Thanks everyone for reading! And thank you sister Roo for checking up on me. I hope you're well and enjoying summer as much as I am. It sounds like you've been busy in the ring! You GO girl! (and ya know what? I'm missing some teeth too!) I miss you and Chip and the whole old gang.
Love, Kinka