Monday, August 4, 2008

Already AUGUST!

It seems I'm the worst kind of blogger-dog of all - the kind that forgets to blog! I can't believe I haven't been here since January! But I guess it's true what the 2-legs say.... time really DOES fly when you're having fun.  The picture with this post is of Remy and me, of course, resting up on our way up north last week for a wild weekend holiday with our black lab pals Cola and Elly and Barra the blond retriever.  (The 2-legs say what goes around comes around too, and sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve this life full of retrievers! They are SO hard to keep in line - just impossible.  But I will keep trying....)  It was a great time - I got to go fishing (well, I didn't actually FISH, but I went along for the boat ride), and I got to run in the woods, and swim in the lake AND eat chips (but don't tell Momma J).

Anyway, it will just take too long to tell about all that's gone on since I talked to you last.  Let's just say, the year has flown by!  

We are all still living at the farm and I love it! I get to go for lots of walks and swims, and chase gophers and birds and eat interesting poo EVERY DAY! It just doesn't get any better than that, I don't think.  Although, I've heard of these things called sheep? And they sound interesting.... 

I got to go to the Vet College at the U of S in the spring.  They were checking out my heart, 'cause the vet here at home thought I might have an enlarged heart.  Turns out I don't - or at least they couldn't find anything wrong with me at the Vet College.  Very cool news! 

(Plus they said at the college that I was totally adorable and that I smelled fantastic.  So Mommas, if you're reading - just remember that.  Even the vet says I am adorable and that I smell fantastic.   So it must be true, and it's not just me that thinks so.  And all those bad smells? Can't be me, 'cause I am vet-certified as smellin' fantastic! Better blame Remy! That's right - bad Remy. Bad, stinky Remy... tee hee hee!)

Anyways, all in all, things are good.  I will try and write more often, and I hope to hear from all the other blogger dogs out there soon too!