Friday, December 15, 2006

For Sister Roo

My sister Roo is going to her new home this weekend and she's kind of nervous about it. I can totally relate! It IS scary when you leave for your new home for SURE. I remember looking out the window of the Jeep as we pulled away from Momma Jen and Daddy Shamus's house, leaving the whole old gang behind. I didn't know what to do! I mean, the mommas seemed nice enough, but they sure weren't family yet. SO I shook and whined almost all the way home that day AND I had an embarrassing case of anxiety gas and we had to stop a few times and I could hardly eat treats I was that stressed, and when we got to the new place, I just didn't know what to do! That whole first week, every time something new happened, I got the hiccups - I was SO nervous!

But you know what, Roo? Even though that first day and sleeping without the old gang is really scary and hard, the next day is a little bit easier, and the next day too, and that's how it goes. And then? Well, I've been with my mommas for a month and a little bit, and I LOVE them! And they love ME! And it's worth those first few scary days and nights. It totally is! You'll have so much fun with your new momma and your kids Roo! I wish I had kids instead of LeaveIts - seriously. I can only imagine that kids would be good to herd. The LeaveIts sure aren't. And the mommas make loud noises when I nip their legs but they don't go where I want them to.

I'll give you one tip for success in the new digs: If you do something really really bratty and you think your people might be mad? Just follow it right up with something unbearably cute, like a wink or big kiss, or curling up with your bum on your new momma's foot and falling asleep? And voila! All will be forgiven!

Roo? You're gonna be just fine. I know it.

(And if you ever want to come hang out with me, I know my mommas would let you come in a heartbeat!)

Monday, December 11, 2006

Busy Binks' Update

I have been SO busy! It's hard to find the time to write. I've been growing like crazy, meeting people and learning stuff - it really tires a girl out! Let's see.... what's happened lately?

I went to the vet for another set of shots about 10 days ago. I'd gained 5 pounds since the last time there, so that's 5 pounds in a month! Must be all those chicken strips and liver snacks. Anyways yeah, the vet? Dr. Hutchkowsky? She's really nice, except for that whole little glass stick up my butt business. What's UP with that?!

And I got to go and see where Momma J works and I met lots of CBC people..... hard-nosed journalists phooey! They all turned to mush when I turned on the charm!

I got to go on a looooooong road trip with the mommas to Anglin Lake. I discovered that riding in the truck just makes me sooooo sleepy. *yawn* And my new friends Cola and Elly sure are grown-up dogs! I hope one day I can be as cool as they are. Oh! And I got my picture taken there with the mommas..... it's further down in the blog.

I'm discovering the joys of water. Water, snow, dumping my dish, eating ice off the deck, chasing cubies from the fridge - it's all good. We went to the farm yesterday and I played on my first snowbanks (and ate some rabbit poo - mm-hmm!). And I got to play in the tub tonight and I'll be making a habit of that FOR SURE! Too cool! Kinda slippery? But cool.

I'm posting a couple of new video links tonight too. I know I seem a little self-centred 'cuz all I ever post are videos of me, but really? IS there anything cuter to watch than the Kinkabear?