Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Things are just excellent around here! I love having Remy around and I think she might be my NBFF! Most of the time anyway. Once in a while she gets grumbly with me but she gets over it right away..... Maybe I do come on a little too strong but it's so GREAT to have someone around here that speaks my language finally! I've got alot to say!

Last night was tricks and clicks class and I have to admit, I was tired. I just couldn't focus at all! After my big weekend with Remy coming home and all.... yeah. And I was so distracted, I very nearly choked on a treat, and I coughed it out and it went flying and bouncing, and I could have died for pete's sake, and all Momma C could do was laugh 'til she cried! Honestly!

Okay. So maybe we're ALL tired.

Friday, September 21, 2007

She's Here!

Remy came home this morning! I was TOTALLY excited when I heard her come into the yard with Momma C! I had to shriek and shriek and bark and carry on for a good 5 minutes before I got to go out and see her! (So WHAT if she wanted to check out the yard on her own? This is MY world!) Anyway, we had a really good play, then we had lunch, then I wanted to play more but Remy wanted a nap. Anyways, I had to go shopping with Momma J so that Remy could rest without me bonking her to get her up for more. She's kind of a lightweight.....

We took this picture of her - sleeping! can you believe it!? - it shows her funny tail. I mean funny in a nice way. And the important thing is that even though it's pretty short, she can wag it really fast!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tricks 'n' Clicks

That's the name of the class I'm in right now (me and Mace). I'm learning a ton of new stuff and the best part of THAT is that I get a ton of treats while I learn! YUM! So far I know shake left and shake right (which I kinda knew before but shhhhh! don't tell the mommas 'cause they keep on giving me treats for knowing it!), back up, and um.... those are about the only ones I remember for now. There's also take a bow, be sad, put away my toys (pfft! now what would I do that for?!) and pick a card. But I'm still working on them. Let's see those treats!

Remy comes home soon! Her foster mom says she's doing great and that she even went for a swim this week (before it occurred to her that maybe she didn't know HOW to swim and she got a little scared!) - and we are picking her up on Friday morning. We have all kinds of new stuff in the house - dishes and leashes and toys that I'm not allowed to play with (WHAT?!) so I can hardly wait 'til she comes and then I WILL be able to play. Yaaaay!

Saturday, September 15, 2007


We can hardly wait, little Girl!

Friday, September 14, 2007

It's True!

Six more sleeps 'til my new sister comes home! I can hardly wait(and I think Momma C is even more excited than me)! The Mommas say I will have to be gentle with her, at least for a few weeks, and I'm going to try, I really am, but it's going to be so GREAT to have a full-time buddy!

From Momma C: Remy is a beautiful Black Lab puppy. She is almost 6 months old. On August 11th, she was run over by a minivan. Go ahead - ask me how much I hate minivans! But that's a rant for another day! Remy's pelvis was badly fractured and her tail was very very broken. Fortunately, she was taken straight to the vet, where she received the necessary multiple surgeries and care, including the amputation of most of her tail. But after all that, she was then surrendered to the vet clinic by her people, who for reasons unknown, no longer wanted little Remy in their lives.

Since then (for the last 3 weeks) she has been receiving absolutely amazing foster care, and last Saturday she came to our attention (via my very persistent niece - gosh, thanks Kate!) as a great pup that needed a great and special home. After much deliberation, we have decided that we can give her that, and with Kinka's help, we will give Remy a fun and healthy and happy life. Needless to say, she has some "issues" that we are already aware of (she's scared of vehicles - go figure) and possibly some that we're not aware of, and she will need some special dispensations for the rest of her life. But her foster family says her mobility is improving daily and she is a totally sweet and loveable and smart little dog.

Let the adventure begin!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Guess What??!

Momma C says we haven't worked out all the details yet, but it looks like I'm probably getting a little sister! Things are starting to happen around here, like another crate is sitting in our bedroom, and today we went shopping for collars and treats and toys and stuff, but so far there's no new puppy....

But. Last night I got to go and play for a while with a dog named Remy. The mommas said it was to see if we get along and if we play okay together. And we totally DO! I like Remy ALOT! She's bigger than me, and she's not an ACD and she's got a REALLY BIG bark (way bigger than mine) AND we had a great time! And the neatest thing of all is that her tail is funny too, not funny like mine but different, but still we both have funny tails! So. I know she won't bug me about mine, or else I can bug her right back about hers! She seemed to get tired faster than me. The mommas say that's because she was in an accident and she's still busy healing, and that's why it is so important that I'm not too rough for her.

Momma C still has to talk to the vet that knows Remy best. But after that? If the vet thinks it's a good idea? She gets to come home with me! I've got my toes crossed, 'cause I would really really like someone here to play with ALL the time!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Happy Birthday!!!!

A big snout out to all my sibs on this very auspicious day! Hope you're all doing really really well, loving life, and giving lots and lots of kisses, and getting all the treats you want, 'cause that's what life should be all about, I figure.

Here's to many more years! High fives and nose bonks all around!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Can you imagine? Only 2 days 'til my first birthday! Wheeeee! (I wonder what my sibs are gonna be doing for the big day? Roo? You having a party? Or are you still grounded?)

Myself, I'm expecting a LOT of presents. I already got a new blue harness (which I kinda don't like, but please don't tell Momma J 'cause it'll hurt her feelings) but I'm just sure there's better stuff than that coming. I got to have my friend Ella (she's a baby Portuguese Water Dog but she's pretty cool) for a sleepover this weekend. We played and played and played! It was great, but I have to admit, I'm totally bagged this morning. It's hard work keeping up to these youngsters! But by last night, even Ella was wiped. So we just hung out on the big bed together.

Oh, and yesterday? I got busted - counter surfing in the kitchen. Heh heh heh! My bad. (Little do the mommas know, I've done it before, a few times actually. They've just never caught me until now. ) But seriously? If I'm not allowed on the counters, then they shouldn't leave good stuff on them. 'Cause that's just not right.