Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Ride Kinka Ride

I added a new link over there on the right. It's a video of ME! Surprising I know, I let Momma C be in this one too. (Truth is, I need her, mostly her opposable thumb, to run the ATV.)

Friday, August 3, 2007

Dog Days of Summer

Wow! It's been a really long time since I had time to blog! And the summer is flying by, isn't it? Sheesh! I can hardly believe I'm almost a year old! I wonder if they're planning a surprise party....?
It's been really really hot here and I'm not so crazy about THAT. It's hard being me when it's hot. We only get to go for little short walks, so I flop around and sigh alot so the mommas know I'm not impressed. But we've been spending lots of time at the farm, and there I can wander around all I want and take myself for swims to keep cool (and sometimes if I remember, I bark when people drive in like a real grown-up dog!)so THAT part of summer's okay.
I get in trouble for lots of stuff out there too. Like once or twice my nose has led me astray and 'waaay down the gravel road where I'm not supposed to be by myself. (I got in DEEP for THAT! But there are so many things to explore! It's hard to resist.) Other things I've been hollered at for (so far) include stealing tools off the shop floor when it turns out the people are still using them, tromping through the garden, and taking ALL the plastic pop bottles out of the recycling box and tucking them around outside. (They're NOT just recycling, people! They're TOYS!) I'm slowly making friends with the farm Leave-its, but they're pretty tough so I have to be patient (grrrrr!) AND the funnest thing of all? I learned to ride on the ATV! When I hear it start I jump right on and go for a ride (love that wind in my face!). I'm going to ask for a helmet though I think, 'cuz these bugs are hard to get out of my teeth! And hi-five or no hi-five, nobody likes a girl with buggy teeth.