Sunday, January 13, 2008


My leave-it JC went away yesterday. She was an old girl, and she had lived with Momma J for over 20 years! I guess the vet told the mommas that 20 years for a 3-legs like JC is like 110 years for a 2-legs! So I think she was probably pretty tired these last few months, but she was always nice to me and Remy. She was our alarm clock every morning, and she was never late! And I'm going to miss giving her kisses. Even though she complained when I did, I'm pretty sure she secretly enjoyed them! And she was the first leave-it I knew who was nice to me, and left me sniff her and check her out and didn't swat me for doing it. I liked her for that.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

I can't believe it's 2008 already! But I had alot of time in the truck yesterday as we were driving home from Anglin Lake, and I was doing some thinking: Last year was quite a year, wasn't it? With some good things and some bad things for all of us, and I guess that's how years go. I'd have to say highlights of 2007 for me include hangin' with some good friends (both 2 legs and 4 legs (and my leave-it JC, who only has 3 legs)), spending time at the farm, and having Remy come to live with us. We got to go to Anglin Lake for the last weekend of 2007 and it was great! We got to play and flollop in the snow, I got to see Cola and Elly the labs again, and this time I got to meet Oakley and Bauer too. If you can get out to play in the snow in 2008, do it!