Wednesday, June 27, 2007


So. Here I am back! The last couple of weeks have felt kind of weird around here. I know the mommas are sad, because they haven't been quite as fun as I'm used to them being. But last week we did go camping for a few days. THAT was fun, even if I did have to be on a leash ALL the time in the park. I got to smell lots of cool new stuff and I got to go on a real cattle drive! Okay, actually, we drove THROUGH a real cattle drive, in the Cypress Hills. I had to stay in the truck, but I barked ALOT and I'm sure that helped them out. They didn't even have a cattle dog! Can you believe it? Oh sure they had a border collie, but he didn't make nearly as much noise as me so how hard was he working really?

There's a picture of me at Cypress Hills at the bottom of the page.

And now we're home again. And the mommas are both really sick with colds. So we've spent alot of time sleeping on the big bed and watching movies this week. I'm down with that too. I'm always good for a sleep on the big bed.

Today my friend Mace is coming over for a play. She's quite alot bigger than me now, and she looks all grown-up retrievery. But we're still solid buds. And if I take a good run at her, like from across the yard, I can still bowl her over.

And this weekend? We're going camping again! To Anglin Lake again, to see my friends Cola and Elly the labs. It's gonna be GREAT! Finally - someone who wants to PLAY!

Sunday, June 17, 2007


Yesterday Momma C needed to get out of the house. So we all got in the truck, and we went to a barbeque party at my friend Gary's. Gary calls me Killer. I like him.

It was really nice to get out, and meet some new people. And I got to go for my first motorboat ride. It was fun! I'm totally a wind-in-my-hair kind of girl. They wouldn't let me try tubing though. But that was okay, 'cuz then I got to play on the trampoline and bounce with Momma C. I wasn't scared at all!

AND the craziest thing of the whole afternoon - I almost can't believe it myself - but I kissed a kid! I'll be the first to admit that kids freak me out 'cuz they're so little and they move funny. But yesterday, the kid was there, and he was really nice and he smelled great, and before I knew what I was doing, I kissed him on the cheek! I was a little scared afterward, but it's all going to be okay I think. Kissing kids is perfectly normal, right? Am I right?

Friday, June 15, 2007

More Sad

Yesterday? Momma C's mom died. She was a really really nice lady and we're all going to miss her. Alot. Our house feels pretty sad these days.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Today I rolled in something super stinky. I don't know what it was, but WHOOO-EEE was it good! And I got in some excellent rolling before I got busted.

But then I had to have a shower. A cold one. Outside.

But all in all? I think it was still worth it.

Monday, June 11, 2007


My favourite leave-it, Boo, is gone today - Momma C says she was really sick and hurting alot and that it was time for her to go. I don't really get what that means. All I know is that I can't find Boo to play chase with, and the mommas have been crying alot. So I'm being a super good girl today. This morning? I noticed Momma C was crying in the big bed. I jumped in beside her and gave her my bestest, tightest, snuggle ever and put my head across her neck and gave her a hug. I thought she would like it. But she cried even more then (sheesh!) but she said I was the sweetest girl and that was exactly what she needed. Mm-hmm. I just knew it.

I wonder what we're going to do this afternoon?