Tuesday, February 27, 2007

How I Spent My Winter Holidays

Okay! Last weekend? I had the busiest weekend EVER! It started early - on Thursday afternoon - with a long ride in the truck to Saskatoon. I've never been downtown in the city before! There were so many things to sniff and see and hear and bark at, it was all I could do to "do it" when I was supposed to. Once I did it when I wasn't supposed to, right in the middle of Spadina Avenue, but it was okay really and I only held up traffic for a little bit. I got to stay at the Sheraton and when I got there? They had bowls and a bed out just for me! The bed smelled weird to me so I beat it up then decided I'd sleep in my own crate thanks anyway. Then on Friday? (This is VERY exciting!) I GOT TO SEE MY SISTER CHIP AGAIN!!!! We played and played and played and played and played. Then we played some, then we drank some water, then we played! It was GREAT! Chip's a little bit smaller than me, and her tail is just an ordinary tail and not kinky like mine, but she's still gorgeous and I love her to bits! And Gramma Jen came too and she was amazed at how big I am and I remembered how nice she always was to me and I kissed her lots, and we all had a great time!

If you want to see us playing, you can click here:

So after my morning with Chip I was already tired, but the holiday was just beginning! We got back in the truck and drove another long drive, north to my friend, Elly's cabin! It's at Anglin Lake, where it's a beautiful winter wonderland right now. Elly and I p

Sunday, February 11, 2007

blogs & friends & stuff

Well would you believe it? I didn't know other dogs had blogs! Until just the other day. Thank you Zip and sister Roo - I'm adding your links right now and I've already checked them both out and it's so exciting I could just pee!

I really like hearing about what other ACD's spend their time at (gives me some great ideas!). And I 'specially liked to see my sister Roo again. And to think that even though she lives far away - in a different country even - she's still just a few clicks away. Amazing! ACD's unite! Today the internet, tomorrow the world! HA HA HA HAHHHH!! (but first I'll have to have a nap.)

Yesterday I got to play with my new friend Mace. She's bigger and heavier and growing faster than I am, so I am trying to assert myself while I still stand a chance. So far she's pretty easy to boss around although yesterday she did manage to hump my head. Good grief! But she gets tired so fast! Those fluffy retriever blonde-types just don't have the stamina.....

Puppy school again today. We've been working on "go to your mat". Which is great - 'cuz these delicious little weiner bits always somehow appear on my mat! I can't quite figure it out.... but anyways I know a good thing when I see it. And also "leave it". Boy was MY face red when I realized that "leave it" is not a THING (like those evil 4-legged things they still make me live with) but rather something I'm supposed to be doing! After all this time! Why didn't anybody tell me?

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

trick grrr treatin'

Did I mention I've been learning lots? Uh-huh! It's true! But if anybody out there has any cool new tricks I could work on? Send them along!

(Oh and I can't believe how nervous I get when there's a camera around! Like, in this video, when I mixed up my left and my right? Grrrrrrr! How embarrassing! I TOTALLY know that one! Anyway.... check this out!)


Sunday, February 4, 2007


In the birdwatching chair. I'm told I'm not allowed. So can someone PLEASE tell me how they ALWAYS know I'm here?

Saturday, February 3, 2007

acd? adhd?

Okay okay! I KNOW it's been a really really (really) long time since I checked in here with everybody. But puppies have the attention spans of jujubes, dontcha know?! (And I should probably say I'm sorry but.... true to my roots, I am rarely sorry about anything I do wrong. So. There.)

I'm doing great! I am growing big and strong, my chest is starting to develop, and my colours are beautiful if I do say so myself. I'm quickly losing all my baby teeth (the mommas have a collection of them - now how weird is THAT I ask you?!) and learning lots of new stuff. I realized early on in life that I was born to be a shrieker, and can say now that I am a damn good one too! I am perfecting my nose bonk (I think it will be a lifetime of practice though *evil grin*), and my bark is getting a little bit bigger and (I like to think) professional-sounding. AND I can see onto the kitchen counter now when I stretch up there. Yup. Life is good.

Let's see.... what's happened lately?
There was Christmas a while back - I can't say I get all the hype about THAT. But the mommas were home a little more over the holidays. and so it was fun.
New Year's 2007 - there was a party and I got to stay up really late! Although I mostly slept through the evening, I am a party girl at heart and I love having people over to visit and play!
I got all my puppy shots done with so I could finally start going for walks like a real grown-up girl. Walks are cool. I like 'em alot. (It's just so cold here right now that we don't get to go much.)
I started puppy school a couple of weeks ago. I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. I mean, I GET all the stuff I'm SUPPOSED to be doing. Sheesh! It's not rocket science people! Maybe I just don't WANT to do it, okay? ("Loose-leash walking", my one black eye! How is THAT fun?)

Anyway - got to run for today. I posted a new video - me keeping stir-fry veggies in line. They're bad around these parts, those veggies. I think the whole household would say it's a good thing I'm here.