Sunday, February 8, 2009

Remy is broken. Again.

Poor Remy! Mamma C says she thinks Remy's born under a bad sign.  Last week, she tore the cruciate ligament (whatever THAT is) in her left knee.  So this week, she got to go to the vet and she even had to stay overnight, and she got it all fixed with something called TPLO.  Now she looks funny, and she isn't quite herself.  

Last year, she had to get her other knee TPLO'd.  And it took her a while, but she did get better so she could play with me.  So I'm trying to be patient.... grrrr..... patient.  

But this is supposed to be about me! And since Remy can't play with me or walk with me, and I'm pretty bored with all this recuperating business, yesterday the Mammas took me to this fabulous place that's near us, where I could run up and down hills and get stuck in the snow and smell all kinds of great new smells! 

It was a lot of fun! I got to have the place alllll to myself, and kinda didn't even mind that Remy is broken.