Friday, November 2, 2007


Well! We have been super busy around here! For starters, Remy and I, and the mommas and the Leave-its, have moved to the farm! Momma C says we haven't "officially" moved, whatever that means, 'cause for now we're just trying it out to see if we like living out there. And guess what? I LOVE living out there! There are just so many great places to explore, and sniff, and dig, and there are barn Leave-its to chase when nobody's looking (but I don't do that, only Remy does - heh heh heh! That's right - bad Remy! Bad BAD Remy! tee hee hee!) and we get to run around and play almost all we want, and go for swims even though the water's getting cold these days, and roll in the dirt and EVERYTHING! The one bummer part is that I can't really blog from the farm, since the connection out there is kind of lousy.

The other bummer thing is that right now and for three whole weeks I'm not supposed to play or run or do stairs or ANYTHING! I'm not even supposed to go for leash walks. Come on! I mean sure, I've had a limp since summertime, but I've tried to downplay it, you know, 'cause really it doesn't hurt THAT much and I was sure it was nothing serious... just an ol' jollyball injury flaring up, but now the vet says there's something hurt in my shoulder. And to give it a chance to heal, I have to do nothing. NOTHING! NOTHING AT ALL! And the mommas are being pretty devoted to that mission, and so I'm not having much fun.

Although I do get carried around alot, and Remy doesn't, and so that's cool. (Good Kinka! Good GOOD Kinka! "Way up high Kinka.... yup, I like THAT!)

But yeah. The next three weeks are going to be bor-ing. That's all I have to say for now.


Zip said...

Hey Kinka,
I'm so glad you got a chance to update us about your new farm and all. I hope you get a chance to blog once in a while.
The farm sounds like you are living in heaven. I wish my buddies and I had a farm. Then we could play with our sheep every day, instead of a couple of times a week.
The injury sounds like something I had when I crashed the triple in agility. Keep calm, don't push yourself, and behave yourself, and you will be good to go in no time.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Giddy said...

Hey Kinka...

Your brother Nash hurt his shoulder too at the dog park this summer.. He tore his tricept getting out of the car to fast to run after his buddies!

His mom is taking him to physio and is doing swimming.. He's not supposed to be running around either...

I know its tough.. but hang in there kiddo!